Friday, May 9, 2008

Nuggets of Gold...

This poem was written by my mother as a gift to me and every Mother's Day when I read it I understand a little bit more about my mother and myself...

I would, if I could, give you nuggets of gold,
But all I can offer are gems such as these…
A ray of sunlight on a new-green leaf,
A moment of quiet in a garden in bloom.
Thunder sounding on a bone-dry day,
And the rain that's sure to follow...
I can smell it on the way.
Embrace it! Enjoy it!
Treasure it, too.
Golden gifts seem far too few.
But I see some shining there for you
Like nuggets glistening in a mountain stream…
Waiting there for you to see.
You'll remember these things
When you're old like me.
You won't doubt any longer,
You'll be totally free to
Look back at what's happened
And suddenly know
Your life has had value,
It was full of ...
pure gold.

Nuggets of Gold © 2000 and Self-Portrait by Luella Phoebe Freeman (1910-2001) Wife, Mother, artist, horticulturist, and uplifter of all souls who ever needed encouragement on this interesting journey called "Life"...