Sunday, November 14, 2010

Transcendental Meditation in Iowa Produces Dramatic 50-Month Drop in Violent Crime

(NOVEMBER 15, 2010) An unexpected 50-month decrease in violent crime in the United States, as reported by the FBI, provides “compelling evidence” for the success of a $50 million scientific demonstration project documenting the long-term effects of large group meditations on national trends, according to Dr. John Hagelin, executive director of the International Center for Invincible Defense and director of the “Invincible America Assembly.”

The Invincible America Assembly, launched by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi on July 23, 2006, is being held at Maharishi University of Management and Maharishi Vedic City, Iowa, with nearly 2,000 experts participating in the Transcendental Meditation and Yogic Flying program.

Federal law enforcement officials neither anticipated the sustained drop in violent crime, nor have they been able to identify a cause. However, Dr. Hagelin lodged in advance with the global press his predictions of a dramatic crime decrease before the start of the Assembly over 50 months ago.

Since then, according to the FBI Uniform Crime Reports, violent crime has fallen for three straight years, with the number of murders now the lowest in four decades. Reuters reported: “Year-end statistics for 2009 from the largest U.S. cities defy the predictions of many police commanders who braced for a crime wave they expected to be unleashed by the recession, rising home foreclosures and social despair.”

This unexpected trend towards markedly reduced violent crime continued during the first three quarters of 2010:

Time – Nov 15, 2010 - Violent crime in America the lowest since 1973
Wall Street Journal – Nov 10, 2010 - NY’s crime rate lowest since statistics 1st kept in 1963
Chicago Tribune – Nov 9, 2010 - 2010 may wind up with lowest murder rate since 1965
Los Angeles Times – Oct 14, 2010 - Homicide rate lowest since 1975
Houston Chronicle – Nov 4, 2010 - All major crimes decreased first nine months of 2010

Research confirms positive influence of group meditations

According to Dr. Hagelin, extensive published research shows that coherence and positivity are created in collective consciousness when a significant number of people practice the Transcendental Meditation and Yogic Flying program together in a group. This rise of positivity in collective consciousness reduces negative trends, including crime and violence, and promotes positive social trends.

“Rigorous statistical analysis shows that the upsurge of positive trends started on the month the Assembly began—July 2006—when an initial group of 1,200 experts assembled from across the U.S. and around the world to practice these technologies in a group,” said Dr. Hagelin, who added that when the number of group meditation experts rises from its current average of 2,000 to the desired level of 2,500, America will rise to become a true powerhouse of peace.

“Twenty-five hundred is the number required to create a far more profound and comprehensive shift away from violence towards positivity and peace,” Dr. Hagelin said.

The Invincible America Assembly has been funded by a grant from the Howard and Alice Settle Foundation for an Invincible America.


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